Choose the modern suspended ceiling tile T|Karra

The design of the T|Karra product line is entirely made in Canada, which makes it possible to have a product adapted to the Canadian construction reality. Our product diversity allows us to meet all our customers’ needs. Discover below the different options offered to choose the best option for your project. 


The T|Karra suspended ceiling tile is the modern solution to avoid stained, discolored, damaged and rounded tiles due to water damage or simply its life span. Ideal for commercial and residential areas: restaurants, offices, public areas, bathrooms, basements, etc. In addition, its aluminum composition allows for easy and long-lasting maintenance, unlike standard tiles that must be changed or even cleaned by professionals. 

Technical advantages

  • Available in different standard sizes: 2X2, 2X4 and 4X4;
  • Custom linear LED lighting available;
  • Durable and versatile;
  • Quick and easy installation;
  • UL and ISO 9001 certified;
  • 0 FSI / 0 SDI non-combustible product available;
  • Possibility of using the current suspension system;
  • Possibility of insertion in tiles: light fixtures, recessed fixtures, sprinklers… ;
  • Does not stain (water damage);
  • Resistant and rigid ultra-thin 3mm (1/8”) panel;
  • 5 year warranty.

The aesthetic advantages

  • Enhances the style and prestige of your decor;
  • Creates an effect of height and an unmatched ambiance;
  • Over 10 color choices (custom colors available);
  • Different finishes available: Lacquered, Matte, Metallic, Printed, Custom finish (Wood, etc.);
  • Possibility of printing and engraving on the tiles;
  • Reversible tile.
T|Karra LED

A solution with integrated lighting

Thanks to our specialized equipment, the T|Karra product is also available with LED integration. A quick and easy installation available in 12v or 24v that offers a modern and efficient look with a 20mm (3/4”) wide and 960mm (38”) long LED extrusion.


Different Kelvin degrees are available such as :
3000k (Warm White)
4000k (Cool White)
Or others…

*It is also possible to use RGBW LED modules to get different colors with controller.

Opt for the mordern acoustic solution

T|Karra Acoustics

Following our studies in a reverberation chamber, the T|Karra perforated tile obtained an average acoustic performance of 0.75 NRC. These results are ideal for creating a pleasant sound environment. You will find below the T|Karra acoustical product data sheet, the methodology, as well as more information to obtain your desired results.



The composition of the T|Karra tile makes it possible to create various custom designs. Whether it’s corporate logos, layers or prints, there are no limits to the product. For all your requests, contact us.