Here are the most frequently asked questions and answers. If your question remains unanswered, do not hesitate to contact us.

Unlike traditional cardboard tiles, T|Karra tiles are washable. They are very easy to clean using a mild cleaning product and a microfiber cloth.

The minimum recommended space is between 3″ and 6″ depending on the elements behind your new ceiling. This will simplify the installation of the tiles and the access afterwards.

An installation manual in PDF format is available in the “installation manual” tab at the top of our website. We suggest you read this manual to facilitate your installation and avoid loss of material.

In addition to the height effect provided by the lacquered finish of the T|Karra tile, it still has all the advantages of a traditional suspended ceiling installation:

-Installation is quick and easy (installation manual available)
-Easy access to your piping, ventilation system or any other element above your suspended ceiling without having to call a professional
-Ideal to hide a ceiling in poor condition or unfinished


Since the tiles are made of rigid plastic and aluminum and are installed on the ceiling, they will never be exposed to the sun, so they will not discolor or deform. The tiles should remain intact for many years.

The NRC index is the reference for the acoustic effect of your ceiling. Following several tests, our T|Karra Microperforated tile obtained an index of 0.75, which is above the average offered on the market.

It depends mostly on the customer’s preference. However, we suggest 2’x4′ tiles for a better overall effect and economy in the suspension system.

The T|Karra tile is available in 3 formats:

-Box of 8 units in 2’x2′ format, for a total of 32sq. ft.
-Box of 8 units in 2’x4′ format, for a total of 64sq. ft.
-Box of 4 units in 4’x4′ format, for a total of 64sq. ft.