About the T|Karra tile

After more than 3 years of research and development of the product, the T|Karra team is very proud to offer you the best solution for your suspended ceiling; a high quality product with excellent efficiency.

A product for everyone

Having already proven itself, by purchasing T|Karra products, you are not only dealing with a product, but also with a team dedicated to the complete satisfaction of its customers. Whether it's for commercial or residential use, the product meets all the customer's needs; complete access behind your ceilings, easy maintenance and remarkable aesthetics. A multitude of possibilities are offered to you, as much by the format, the color, the finish and its multiple options.

Reversible Tile:
Each tile has a glossy side and a matte or metallic side, allowing you to alternate depending on the desired effect


Creates an effect of height and unmatched ambiance:
Like a mirror, the glossy side of the tile creates an effect of height to the room


Easy to clean:
Due to the composition of the tile and its smooth finish, it is very easy to clean